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For almost fifty years EcoPest's management and staff have partnered with our clients in food processing and handling facilities. Working in southern and mid-Michigan, we have extensive experience in food safety and organic pest management practices.

EcoPest is well versed in all aspects of food safety. We understand both the regulatory environment and private sector certification standards. Our programs are turn-key, providing your Food Safety Plan with a professionally written program that has been benchmarked under NSF, AIB International and all of the Global Food Safety Initiative accredited schemes.

Our new clients are most frequently referred to us by other clients and food safety professionals that know first-hand about our work and our excellent track record. 

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More About Our Family's Company

Continual Improvement

As a second generation Structural Pest Management service provider, EcoPest LLC is unapparelled in our experience in Food Handling and Processing facilities. Our written programs are continuously updated as we are commented to a process of Continual Improvement.

Pest Management

Pest management is one of the core prerequisite programs in any food safety plan. Yet the success of any pest management plan is the proper design of the program, including polies and procedures, a detailed site plan and an effective pest monitoring strategies.

EcoPest understands the regulatory and private sector requirements that food processors and handlers face, and we have highly developed tools to assist our clients on their path to continuous improvement.

Food Safety

Food Safety is at the core of what we do. With over twenty-five years experience of consulting and advising our clients on food safety matters, we have helped dozens of organizations develop their entire food safety plan. From basic regulatory requirements to the advanced requirements of the many schemes under the Global Food Safety Initiative.

Our sister company AuditReady, LLC can help your organization succeed in gaining any type of food safety certification you may want to achieve.

Organic Integrity

Company principle L. Ernest Otter, III is author of this new book which examines his 40 years of experience in pest management and food safety.  The Organic Certification process requires additional requirements which must be considered in a food safety plan. The consumers of organic products feel strongly about the use of pesticides and often pay a premium for food products that have been grown with more sustainable practices which limit pesticide use. Farmers establish the organic integrity of the food they grow, food handlers, processors and distributors must maintain that organic integrity. EcoPest is a founding members of the organic community, we have the expertise to develop the practices and procedures that protect the organic integrity of those products.

Just a Few of Our Many Long-term Clients...



EcoPest's Pest Management Protocols is Policies & Procedures Manual customized for each client. A turn-Key program that organizes the essential elements of your pest management program so you quality management staff can focus on other food safety tasks.


EcoPest has the latest technology to develop a custom program that best meets the sensitivities of your facilities and product type.

Reporting is available in both hard-copy and digital formats.

Audit Support

Preparation for Regulatory, Secondary and Third Party Audits can require a lot of work. EcoPest is available on-site prior to and the day of your audit, to help assure your team's success in this very important process.

Technical Expertise

Pest management events in your facility can require advanced levels of expertise in the problem solving process. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) requires more than simply making a pesticide application to contain a problem. EcoPest serves as your Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the technical pest management issues.

Case Studies

One of our belove Detroit institutions was the grocery store chain, Farmer Jack. Had It survived, it would have been 100 years old at this writing. Alas. the company who had grown to 100 stores at its peak finally folded in 2007.

EcoPest had the opportunity to join Farmer Jack's team to help transition the company to its new food safety agenda and to update the facilities to gain private sector food safety certification.

Unfortunately Farmer Jack's Borman warehouse had a long history with rodent problems. EcoPest help the facility management develop a management plan to upgrade the building, deep clean the storage areas and systematically work through the building to flush-out and eliminate the rodent infestation.

There was no amount of pesticide that would have solved this building's rodent problem, and in fact no pesticides were used within the building the eliminate the rodent infestation. The combination of management's commitment to upgrade and deep clean the building, under EcoPest's experience and guidance finally allowed this building to maintain complete control. The facilities eventually achieved very high ratings from third-party food inspection agencies.

EcoPest worked for many years for Farmer Jack, until their demise in 2007.

Eden Foods is one of the founding members of the organic foods movement, starting in Ann Arbor as a health food store in the late 1960's. As they expanded and grew into a complete processor and distributor of organic foods, they also lead the way in certification of organic products to substantiate the organic integrity of their products for their customers.

Eden Food Management approached EcoPest management about the pest control procedures used in their food processing areas and food storage areas. Their concern was simple. After requiring their farmers to stop pesticide use for three years before allowing it to be sold as "Organic", why would they let us spray there warehouse's on Friday nights?

The request, and the task at hand was intriguing to the EcoPest owners and staff. EcoPest has worked with Eden Foods since the 1980's to research and develop techniques and procedures to protect food products from both the infiltration of pests, but to protect the organic integrity of the products as well.

EcoPest owner L. Ernest Otter presented the first paper on Organic Structural Pest Management at the 13th Scientific Conference of the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements in Copenhagen Denmark in 1997. He is also completing his book, Beyond IPM, An Introduction to Organic Structural Pest Management, which details the concepts and techniques he has developed over his 40 years of work in the food industry.

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