More About Our Family's Company

Our company was started in the late 1970's by Ernest Otter II (Ern Sr.) After working for another large pest control company, Ern Senior got tired of working for someone else and he set out on his own. Originally starting the company as Consumer's Pest Control, Ern Sr. was able to explore new treatment strategies and techniques that customers responded to more favorably. He put aside the old school pesticides (that in fact are no longer on the market today) for products and practices that are not only more effective, but eliminated the use of pesticides that were eventually proven to be potential carcinogens and endocrine disrupters.

As the company evolved, the emphasis of the company shifted to commercial clients and eliminated residential work. Rebranded as EcoPest LLC, the focus of the company shifted to food safety. Ernest Otter, III, the second generation of the family business, has now worked as a pest management professional for 40 years. Specializing in Organic management strategies and third-party food safety certifications.  Ernie also serves as a food safety consultant, advising and mentoring clients in the development of HACCP and FDA Preventive Controls programs.

Structural Pest Management

Ernie's experience in the pest management  industry includes all aspects of  pest management. He maintains 11 categories of state certification and  is licensed in Michigan and Ohio. He was among the first to identify bed bug re-insurgence in the State of Michigan in the early 2000's. Ernie was also the fist to  identify an active infestation of Brown Recluse Spider in the State of  Michigan and worked with Michigan State University, Michigan Department  of Agriculture and the Michigan Department of Public Health to bring  this information to the healthcare community's attention.

Organic Structural Pest Management (OSPM)

Since the early 1980's, Ernie has worked  closely with Eden Foods of Clinton Michigan in their quest to develop  organic strategies for food processing. Eden had worked with farmers since the late 1960's to develop accepted  practices and standards for organic agricultural production. After all  Eden's work, it seemed counter productive to bring these organic agricultural products into a processing facility where traditional  pesticides were used. Eden was interested in developing standards to  defined the requirements for structural pest management in facilities  that process and handle organic products.

In 1997, Eden Foods sponsored Ernie's attendance at the 13th International  Federation of Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) Scientific Conference to  present a his paper An Introduction to Organic Structural Pest Management or OSPM.

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Remarks on involvement in the Michigan Department of Agriculture's Organic Advisory Committee

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